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Bobby, Chloe and Elisha have been given a school project all about money!

They are going to write a pop song full of top money tips, but first they need to learn a thing or two…

Fundraising can be fun!


It’s a way to do something positive whilst enjoying yourself!

You could do something like a raffle – you know, where you sell tickets and if your ticket matches the winning number, you claim a prize!elishasongnew

When you organise an event like a raffle or a cake sale this is called a fundraiser!

The purpose of a fundraiser is to raise money for a cause or charity the organiser supports.

You might even see online fundraising. Perhaps a family member is planning to run the London marathon and want to use a website to help raise money for their chosen charity!


It’s a big responsibility looking after other people’s money.

It’s important to think about being safe when you’re collecting money.  Especially other people’s money!


Fundraising is a lot easier if you choose a cause that people really want to help!

Plus! It’s also likely to make them feel better – helping others less fortunate than themselves.

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