Facts about being energy smart

Curious Kate explores new ways to get charging!

Wireless charging mats

Using a wireless charging mat, you can charge up many of your gadgets at the same time, without the need for miles of tangled wires and lots of different power plugs.

All you do is place your gadgets on the mat surface! Your gadgets get charged through a process called “magnetic induction” which is similar to how your electrical toothbrush might get charged. – it uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects.

It uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects.

In future, rather than having to use a special mat, you may find the technology is already built into your gadgets as well as your desk, kitchen worktop and furniture!

Some buses and even some restaurants have wireless charging built in to tables and serving counters!

Power Wellies

These were designed to help keep music festival goers connected with their friends.

They used a unique ‘power generating sole’ that converted heat from your feet into an electrical current.  This electricity is then used to re-charge your mobile phone.

However, you need a good 12 hours of stomping to create enough power to charge your phone for one hour…

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