Rain Water and Ice

Water is more precious than you think!


Liquid water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface and without it there wouldn’t be much life on earth.

So if we ever wanted to live on a different planet, we’d have to find one with liquid water on it!

However, the atmosphere on Earth is pretty rare – there are only a handful of other planets that it’s believed have similar ones.

The reason we are saying ‘liquid’ water is because there are other types, like steam and ice!

These are made from the same molecule (H2O) just in a different state.

The other type of water is the solid we all hope for at Christmas – snow!

Water is only a liquid at certain pressures and temperatures.

The conditions on Earth are just right for it to be liquid but on other planets the conditions may only be right for water as ice. Mars also has water ice at its poles.

Did you know that comets are thought to be massive hurtling blocks of ice?

You do get rain on other planets but it may be made of other liquids.

On Venus it rains acid – that would melt your umbrella before it melted you. And on Saturn, it’s storm clouds are loaded with ammonia – a poisonous and very smelly chemical.

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