What makes up a galaxy?

The class of Deep Space High finds out!

Exciting news today! It’s only a few weeks until Galaxy Gala – and all space schools will be taking part.

This year’s competition is to build your very own galaxy and what the students of Deep Space High will like is that they can put in anything they want!

There’s just one rule though – the galaxies must contain the building blocks that make up real galaxies, things like planets, stars, and nebulas.

That’s a good start. What even is a galaxy?

Let’s start with a solar system… Here we are – close to the sun!

Suns are orbited by planets, moons and asteroids, as well as comets too – that’s what makes up a Solar System.

The Solar System is part of a much bigger collection of stars, planets and other matter – and that’s what a galaxy is.

Galaxies aren’t all spiral shaped like these ones – some are elliptical – that’s sort of smooth and oval shaped… and some are irregular – odd shapes so you could even have a triangle shaped galaxy!

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