How do we measure space weather?

There are loads of different ways of measuring the weather in space, including with telescopes and satellites

Space weather is a term we use to describe all the different things that happen in space!

Just like weather on Earth, space can have all kinds of natural events, like solar flares, cosmic rays and more!

To help us see what’s going on, we look at space (and the sun!) through special telescopes. The equipment contains built-in filters to protect it from the sun’s rays.

Remember, you should never look directly at the sun! Only trained professionals with special equipment should do that.

Telescopes can pick up things our eyes can’t see and help give us even more information about the universe.

And infrared telescopes are particularly handy because they also give us information about the temperatures!

Don’t forget, telescopes don’t need to be on a planet’s surface – quite often they are on satellites where the images they create are affected by a planet’s atmosphere!

A meteorologist is the name of a person who looks at the weather for their job.

Meteorologists look at patterns and evidence using these telescopes to figure out what’s likely to happen next – but they don’t always get it right!

If you want to find out more about space weather, you should check out Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch! Sam, Stats, and Quark are all taught about solar flares, cosmic rays, coronal mass ejections and more!

Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space

The podcast all about space - from astronaut training to the planets in the Solar System!


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Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch, with support from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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