How does space weather affect planet Earth?

Space weather can knock-out communications, harm us with radiation, and seriously affect aeroplanes!

When there’s a big solar storm, space weather can seriously affect aeroplanes – especially when they’re flying around the north or south poles!

That’s a pretty scary thought because communications are really important if you’re a pilot!

It’s not just aeroplanes that can suffer though… As we’ve learned from previous episodes, space weather can seriously affect all sorts of our gadgets!

It can crash energy grids, shut down our internet, and make billion-dollar satellites totally useless! It’s not all doom and gloom! Luckily, the chance of a catastrophic solar event happening is very slim!

Scientists are getting better at predicting what the Sun might do next and are always working on ways to make sure those nightmare scenarios don’t ever happen!

We’re always thinking of new ways to protect ourselves against solar storms – that’s why we’re paying so much attention to all this stuff!

If you want to find out more about space weather, you should check out Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch! Sam, Stats, and Quark are all taught about solar flares, cosmic rays, coronal mass ejections and more!

Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space

The podcast all about space - from astronaut training to the planets in the Solar System!


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Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch, with support from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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