What is space weather?

Is it windy in space? Does it rain in space? Space has all kinds of different weather, including some very dangerous types!

We have weather on Earth but did you know there was weather in space also?

Weather is a way to describe the state of the atmosphere around you at a particular time. On Earth it can be warm or cool, wet or dry, cloudy or sunny…

Well, space has weather too!

It’s the sun that gives us heat, and it’s the heating up and cooling down that creates weather patterns here on Earth!

The sun can affect conditions on Earth in other ways too. Every second, trillions of atoms collide together and release their energy.

Solar storms are quite common and although we can’t see them here on Earth, they can really mess things up for us! They can cause larger-than-normal pulses of radiation to be thrown out into the solar system.

These pulses or radiation can cause satellites to stop working, can affect our electricity, and even take down the internet!

If you want to find out more about space weather, you should check out Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch! Sam, Stats, and Quark are all taught about solar flares, cosmic rays, coronal mass ejections and more!

Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space

The podcast all about space - from astronaut training to the planets in the Solar System!


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Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch, with support from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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