What’s the forecast like in space? How many different types of space weather are there?

There's all kinds of weather up there, from solar storms to big bubbling moving mass of gases and plasma!

Deep Space High is back and this time the class is learning about different types of space weather.

There’s loads going on up there, from magnetic storms to cosmic rays, solar wind, as well as coronal mass ejections!

Who knew there was so much going on above us?

Listen to the latest episode here and once you’ve learned all about the different kinds of space weather, see how well you do with our quiz below!

Take our Space Weather quiz!

If you got 6 out of 6, you’re a SPACE WEATHER EXPERT!

If you didn’t, don’t give up – just replay the podcast and try again. Perhaps even play along as you listen!

If you want to find out more about space weather, you should check out Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch! Sam, Stats, and Quark are all taught about solar flares, cosmic rays, coronal mass ejections and more!

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Deep Space High: Intergalactic Weather Watch, with support from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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