Jobs at UK spaceports!

Find out about the different jobs there might be!

One of the cool things about space ports and the growth in space exploration is that there will be a whole bunch of jobs to be done!

If you’ve thought about being a pilot for a normal aircraft – perhaps you’d like being a test pilot or an astronaut for one of the new space planes?

Some may just fly really fast around the Earth taking people on their holidays to Australia, others must go into low orbit around Earth so people can experience weightlessness!

But just think, one day you could fly to the moon or beyond, or even visit Deep Space High!

Just like at any airport, space ports will need loads of staff to keep them running smoothly – from space traffic control and security checks, to moving the craft around, delivering fuel and ensuring engineers and mechanics can get where they’re needed.

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As space ports grow, there will be a need for shops and restaurants too – bustling hubs of activity with lots of work to be done.

Today, most of the jobs in space exploration are for engineers – people who are good at coming up with great ideas and solving problems.

Avionics Engineers will work on the flight controls, that’s what gets space craft into the air and keeps them flying safely.

It’s a job that means working with both electronics – like wires and circuits – and also with computer software and radio technology too.

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One thing is certain – there will be more and more satellites orbiting the Earth in the coming years.

As we’ve been finding out, they’ll be doing all sorts of tasks from scientific experiments to helping people communicate.

That means engineers are needed to design and build satellites so that they’re light and strong enough to cope with the conditions in space. Maybe that’ll be you!

And to fit as many satellites into a launch vehicle, people who are really good at logistics are important.

They have the know-how about how best to fit everyone and everything on board so craft can carry the biggest payload as possible – safely and most effectively.

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