Become an electrician and get a job working in the energy industry!

Learn all about the fascinating world of energy with Enn and Gee!

Thousands of people work to get the energy to homes and offices!

As fossil fuels become scarce, geophysicists are kept busy searching the earth to find new sources, making maps of the layers of minerals underground.

Maybe you’d like to work in a power station, managing the turbines that create a lot of electricity!

Or maybe you’d like to install solar panels? Or install wind turbines in rural parts of the country!

Or how about putting your creative brain to work inventing new renewable ways of creating electricity? 

Other engineers are responsible for keeping the underground cables and overhead power lines and pylons in perfect working order.

They’re always working to find smarter ways to get the electricity delivered in ways that don’t harm the environment.


Lots of people work to install and check the meters in homes and offices – this helps to ensure that customers only pay for the energy they use!

Listen to Enn and Gee as they learn all about the fascinating world of energy!

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Enn and Gee’s Energy Challenge is supported by National Grid.

Enn and Gee's Energy Challenge!

Enn and Gee are learning all about fascinating different types of energy!  And they'll need a lot of it to get home to Planet Zog! 



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