Kilo-what? What do you buy and measure electricity in?

Learn all about the fascinating world of energy with Enn and Gee!

Watts are the basic unit of measurement for electricity. 

They are a combination of the voltage – an electrical force that makes electricity move, and the amps – that’s the number of electrons that are moving.

Power companies figure out how much electricity has been used by counting watts, kilowatts – that’s a THOUSAND watts and megawatts – that’s A MILLION watts!

They usually take measurements in kilowatt hours, megawatt hours, and gigawatt hours.

To understand what a kilowatt hour is, imagine ten 100 watt lightbulbs all switched on for one hour.

A megawatt hour would be enough to power 2,000 homes for one hour.

A GIGAWatt hour would be enough to power a MILLION homes for an hour!


Different electrical appliances use different amounts of energy. Often those which use heat need more energy than those which don’t.

Manufacturers are always seeking to find ways to make their appliances use less energy.

New washing machines and fridges have a rating which helps people understand how expensive it will be to run. 

It’s sensible to try not to use electricity unless you need to – not just because it’ll mean a smaller bill, but it’s better for the planet too!

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