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How many different ways are there to make the energy we use in our in our homes?

Most homes use gas and electricity. Gas comes from fossil fuels under the ground. 

But electricity can be made from a wide variety of fuels – including gas, but also nuclear and renewable sources such as solar and wind power. 

These renewable varieties can be kinder to the environment than those that are made from fossil fuels.

Did you know even rubbish can be used as a fuel to make the electricity to help power and heat our homes – it’s called biofuel!

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Why do two different types of energy come in to our homes?

The simple answer is that our gadgets use lots of different things!

The heating and hot water are often run on gas, and things like our lights and games consoles run on electricity.

Some newer homes only run on electricity, with no gas boilers, but many homes use both.

Where does the electricity go when there’s a powercut? 

Power cuts can happen for lots of different reasons.

It might be because a pylon has fallen down or been damaged and has cut off the line between the power station and your home.

Or it could be because there simply isn’t enough electricity in the network to supply everyone. There was a big power cut in 2008 because a spike in demand meant there wasn’t enough power for everyone to use! 

We’re getting better at predicting when people might need to use electricity, so we generate more at ‘peak’ times.

How much electricity does the world use every day? 

Not all of the energy we use is measured in one place so this is tricky to work out! Some forms of energy generation, like solar power, are ‘decentralised’ which is sort of another word for ‘private’!

Most people are connected to a grid, like the National Grid, so we can take a very good guess!

The average person uses 21,000 KWh of energy a year. 

What’s a KWh? 

The energy efficiency of an appliance is measured in watts. We measure how much we burn using kilowatts – that’s 1000 watts.

Using 1,000 watts for one hour is using ‘one-kilowatt hour’. If an appliance uses 2000 watts and you keep it on for an hour, that’s 2KWh.

A phone uses about 10.5 watt-hours of electricity. So if you charge your phone every day, that’s only about 3.8 kilowatt-hours in one year!

And that only costs about 30p!

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