How does gas get into our homes? How is gas extracted from the earth?

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Gas isn’t kept in the house.  It’s… well, a GAS for starters and it would just float away!

It’s also extremely flammable – that means it needs to be kept very safely in pipes or canisters. 

Otherwise, it might just… EXPLODE!

Gas comes from deep under the earth. It’s found in layers of rock with tiny holes which holds the gas like a sponge.

To bring it to the surface, gas companies drill down hundreds of feet and pump out the gas.

It certainly looks very hard – all that rock to get through! Although gas is a handy energy to have…

Humans won’t have gas forever though. There’s about enough left underground to last a hundred years although some people think we’ll only have enough to see 2061!

How does it get from under the ground into homes?

Gas companies drill thousands of feet into the earth and use big wells and pumps to capture it.

Deep underground there are hundreds of miles of high-pressure pipes like this one.  They carry gas to where it’s needed.

The meter measures how much gas is being taken from the pipes so that the customer pays just the right amount.

It’s a big job to look after the pipelines. As gas can cause explosions when it catches fire, it’s important to keep the gas safe. 

The gas companies take care to fix and repair the pipes and improve things to keep things running smoothly…

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