Episode 7: Circuits

Learn all about the fascinating world of energy with Enn and Gee!

EnnUh oh, ENN and GEE are stuck on our planet – a long way from their home on Planet Zog.

They’ll need energy to get home – and lots of it!

Now where on earth are they going to find energy?

What are circuits?


Electric circuits  are collections of wires and electric components connected together in such a way that electric current can flow through them.

They’re everywhere even though you might not notice them. Every electrical appliance you can think of contains an electric circuit. 

If a circuit is broken, electricity won’t flow at all.  Sometimes breaks in the circuit can be helpful – think about switches, like light switches. 

Light Switch on White

When you click them one way, it breaks the circuit and the light goes off.  Switch it the other way and… ON!

A simple circuit of a light switch will have a line travelling in a square to show the route that the electricity takes.

The bulb is shown as a circle.  The power source is shown with a plus sign where the energy comes from and a minus sign to show where it comes back.

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