I is for In Your Area

Get Involved in your Area

Your neighbourhood is a wonderful place – its where your home is, and probably your school!

You’ll buy food and things in a local shop and play games in your local park! There’s always loads of interesting things to do in your neighbourhood.

You can help make the most of your neighbourhood, by getting to know your neighbours and helping to improve your local area together.

You’ll also have fun and may make some new friends!

Whether it’s through participating in a sport, taking up a hobby or volunteering to help a local charity, there are lots of ways to do things that bring you together with the people you share your area with.

Have a hobby

Sport is also a great way to exercise, which in turn will help you keep fit and healthy.  And joining a local sports team is a fun way to meet other boys and girls.

There are loads of sports to try out – from football to tennis, ballet to trampolining and swimming to rock climbing.

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If sports don’t take your fancy, or you want to try something else as well, there are many hobbies that you can join in with.

This could be as simple as learning how to fly a kite or play frisbie in your local park.  Or learning a new interest such as films, books or theatre.

Whatever you choose to do, they will be plenty of other people who share your passion.

So why not find out if there is a local book or film club that you could join or what about an amateur dramatic group so you could try your hand at acting or singing?

Your local library should be a good source of information about facilities, sports clubs and other initiatives in your area.

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Sport England operates the Active Places database, which includes information on a wide range of sports and where to take part in them.  It’s a good way to find things such as your nearest fitness centre, swimming pool or athletic track.

Click here to visit Active Places!

Try volunteering

Why not do some volunteering to make your area even better to live in?

This doesn’t have to be anything really big. Even something like offering to take your neighbour’s dog for a walk is a great act of kindness and also probably really fun too!

Or you could team up with your mates and try and raise money for an old people’s home by doing a sponsored run. Of course, always remember to check with your mum and dad first.

Once again, this will make you feel better about yourself, help improve you local area and help you make new friends in the process!

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