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Learn all about the fascinating world of energy with Enn and Gee!

EnnUh oh, ENN and GEE are stuck on our planet – a long way from their home on Planet Zog.

They’ll need energy to get home – and lots of it!

Now where on earth are they going to find energy?


Welcome to ELECQUIZZERY.COM.  Find out more about energy on earth and post your questions for the QUIZZLER!

Q. How many different ways are there to make the energy we use in our in our homes?

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A. Most homes use gas and electricity.  Gas comes from fossil fuels under the ground.  Electricity can be made from a wide variety of fuels – including gas, but also nuclear and renewable sources such as solar and wind power. 

These renewable varieties can be kinder to the environment than those that are made from fossil fuels.

Did you know even rubbish can be used as a fuel to make the electricity to help power and heat our homes – it’s called biofuel.

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