Extreme Athletes – the Gecko

Their colour provides perfect camouflage

The ghostly web-footed gecko is nearly translucent with a pale, salmon-coloured undertone and light brown stripes.

Their colour provides perfect camouflage among the powdery reddish sands of the Namib Desert, their primary habitat, where their webbed feet not only to help them stay above ground but also to bury beneath the dunes of the desert.  Strictly nocturnal lizards, they spend the day in self-dug burrows and emerge at night to feed.

Their bloodshot looking eyes are massively oversized to help them detect prey, which includes crickets, grasshoppers, and small spiders. They move surprisingly quickly across the sand, and adhesive pads on their toes make them excellent climbers.

Web-foots are considered medium-size geckos, reaching an average size of about four inches in length. Males are slightly smaller than females.

People sometimes hunt these tiny lizards for food, and human encroachment is destroying some of its habitats. Their estimated lifespan in the wild is about five years.

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