Penguin Explorers

Learn about countries and cities around the world!

Where in the World?

Want to know more about the countries in Europe?

Where in the World? Spain!

Learn about Spanish history, culture and more!

Where in the World? Poland!

Learn about Polish history, famous peopleĀ and more!

Marina Ventura Ocean Adventure

Why are the oceans so important to life on Earth?

Marina Ventura Inside Water

What is the water cycle and how does it work?

Geology Rocks

What different types of rock are there and where can you find them?


A to Z of Food, Health and the Environment

Where does food come from? What is Fairtrade?

Behind the Scenes at the Airport

What happens from when you arrive to when you fly?

Zoom’s A to Z Scrapbook

Explore some of the world’s best destinations!


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