The Great War – Through a London Child’s Eye

Listen to The Great War - Through a London Child's Eye!

It’s present day London and three school-friends, Chris, Poppy and Alesha, are helping clear out a cupboard at school when they discover a very dusty box!

Middle class Edwardian BoyUnderneath many novels and loose papers, they find an old book at the bottom with “The Private Diary of Edward Hampton” written on the cover and the date says “From June 1914…”!

They start reading the book and discover what London life was like for Edward in 1914, at the outbreak of the First World War.

Follow the series and explore what London looked, sounded and smelled like, over a hundred years ago, through a child’s eye!

Find out how Londoners lived, what they learnt at school and what they did for entertainment – in the days before Fun Kids!

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The Great War – Through a London Child’s Eye is supported by The National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund



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