What are the different kinds of electric toothbrushes and what toothbrushes should I get?

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Different electric toothbrushes work in different ways.

Most are powered by rechargeable batteries which rapidly move the bristles up and down – or in circular motions – these are known as oscillating brushes. Others vibrate. And some oscillate AND vibrate!

Now there’s an even more high tech way to clean teeth.

Sonic toothbrushes use an oscillating action but combine it with ultrasonic waves to send thousands of high frequency pulses onto the teeth helping dislodge plaque and to get a really deep clean.

Some electric toothbrushes are designed to be kind to gums, whereas others are for removing tough stains – that might affect the type motor used and the softness of the bristles.

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If you have an electric toothbrush, you’ll know that the brushes are separate to the handles – and when the toothbrush is made, they’re assembled separately.

The bristles will be trimmed to create the best shape for getting in all the gaps!

Now, as well as electric toothbrushes, you can also get electric flossers!

Flossing your teeth is really important but it can be fiddly to use tape or interdental brushes – especially if your teeth are closely packed together.

These days you can get gadgets which use an electric motor to pump air and mouthwash between the gaps – for smiles all round.

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  • Any toothbrush is better than no toothbrush, but an electric one might be especially effective at cleaning your teeth.
  • Any way you floss is better than not flossing at all, but there are some tools, like electric flossers, which might make it easier!

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