What did people use as toothbrushes before they were invented and how did you clean your teeth in old times?

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Dentists are specially trained to be experts and have to study for as many as eight years before they can treat patients on their own.

And with modern technology and medicines, your local dental surgery is a perfectly pleasant place to be!

Not like the 18th century barber shop…

Back in the mists of time, if a tooth was causing pain, primitive man would simply smash it out with a rock or a mallet! OUCH!

Ancient Chinese dentists trained their fingers to be strong enough to pull teeth out – with their hands!

Luckily in more recent times special instruments were developed. These are much more hygienic which is important because for many centuries infections caused by tooth decay and extraction were a common cause of death…

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Did you know that for many years, as well as cutting hair, barbers also performed surgery and would pull out teeth?

That’s why they have red and white striped poles outside – it’s to represent blood and bandages.

All sorts of things were used to brush teeth in the olden days… Twigs or rags were often used to scrape or wipe teeth.

People would also use chalk and brick dust to get rid of any muck – sometimes they’d mix salt with bicarbonate of soda for a frothy finish.

The first mass produced toothbrushes began to appear in the 1800s – using bristles from pigs. And by the 1880s tubes of toothpaste were available!

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  • Modern dentistry is so much better than olden times – you’ll never need to worry about taking your teeth out with rocks or brushing them with twigs, so chill!

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