What happens when I visit the dentist? I’m nervous of the dentist, is that normal?

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Dentists are specially trained medical specialists! They know all about teeth and mouths, how to keep them healthy, and how to mend and treat problems that might arise!

So here’s how it works when you go for a check up…

You sit in a lovely big squishy chair which is adjustable, so it might go up and down a bit.

The dentist may start by checking to see how many baby teeth you may still have and if your adult teeth have started to appear.

They’ll check to see that your teeth meet properly when you bite and look at your gums to see if they’re nice and pink.

They may use a probe to examine your teeth and gums – that’s basically a stick with a poky bit on the end. Sometimes they might also take an X-Ray to look under the surface too.

X-Rays sound very whizzy and action packed but to be honest, they’re nowhere near as exciting as that. It’s more like having a photo taken inside your mouth.

f you have tooth decay, you might need a filling. The Dentist scrapes or drills out the rotten part of the tooth, and then fills the hole with a special filler that sets as hard as the enamel on your teeth.

Dentists are very kind people and make sure having a filling doesn’t hurt.

They will probably give you some special medicine in an injection to numb any pain; and when your tooth is filled, you get a big round of applause for being brave.

Of course, there’s a really easy peasy way to avoid tooth decay and cavities and fillings and all that…

and it’s something you should be doing twice a day for at least two minutes. Brushing you teeth! That’ll keep you smiling and make sure every trip to the dentist is a breeze!

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  • There’s no need to be scared of the dentist! Whatever they do is your own health, and won’t take long.
  • If you need any work done, the dentist will let you know and will talk you through what will happen.
  • If you are nervous, let them know! Some dentists even train to deal with people who don’t like them!

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