Why do our bodies need water?

Did you know we lose water in every breath?

Water is absolutely vital to our survival! You can’t survive for very long without a drink of water!

That’s because we humans are made of so much of the stuff! 60 to 70 percent of our weight is water. It’s in every cell of the body…

Did you know? Blood is over 90% water! The brain, heart and muscles are 75% water. And even bones, which we think of as being dry, well – they’re 30% water.

But what does all that water actually do? Professor Hallux finds out…

Water in the body’s cells help to carry nutrients around – and to also remove waste products.

Did you know we even lose water when we breathe out? The misty water vapour you see in the air on chilly days is tiny drops of the stuff!

Another important job water does in our bodies is to help keep us at a comfortable and healthy temperature.

If our bodies get too hot, our brains instruct our bodies to start to sweat! These water droplets on our skin take the heat away as they evaporate, which helps us to cool down.

That’s why you might get thirsty when it’s particularly hot – you’re losing all that water in your body through your skin.

If it’s super-hot and you’re using lots of energy, you could lose as much as a litre every hour. That’s why it’s important to drink regularly!

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