What drinks are good for you and what drinks are bad for you?

Not all drinks are created equal...

If you’re thirsty, your body will be grateful for any drink you give it. But not all drinks are the same when it comes to your health…

Water is a great choice throughout the day because it hydrates without providing you with extra energy or harming your teeth.

Milk’s a very useful source of nutrients, especially protein, vitamin B, and calcium.

You should include milk regularly in your diet but only the stuff without sugars. Sugary milky drinks like milkshakes and hot chocolates should be an occasional treat only!

Fruit and veg juices and smoothies contain vitamins and minerals and some have fibre too. However, they also contain some sugars and can be acidic too, so it’s better to have no more than one a day.

Tea and coffee are fine to drink occasionally but because they contain caffeine, they’re not good for you in large amounts.

And everyone knows that fizzy drinks and squashes contain a lot of sugar – but you might not know that even the sugar free versions have acids that can erode the outer surface of your teeth…

Did you know an Indian inventor has been developing a new drink based on cow wee?!

Cows are sacred in India and thought to have special life giving powers. And they reckon his drink will help keep you healthy!

And if that wasn’t tempting enough for you, a Chinese inventor has found a way to grow green tea in Panda dung. He says his tea is both nutritious and delicious…

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