How long has medicine been around for?

Professor Hallux and Nurse Nanobot are finding out!

Medicine has been around for quite a while…

As long as there have been tummy aches and grazed knees, people have been looking for ways to make themselves feel better – and medicines are just the thing!

In ancient Egypt, they knew mint could settle a grumbling tummy – and that’s something that’s still used in medicines today for the exact same reason!

While the Ancient Romans figured out that you could make painkilling medicine from poppies – that’s something that’s still used today too.

But diseases change and so some of the old cures just won’t work anymore – or they might cause some rather yucky side effects!

New medicines are needed for new illnesses… but isn’t easy making new medicines.

You need to think about what you are trying to cure or make better, who is going to take the medicine and how they’re going to take the medicine.

Plus, you need to make sure there’s no side effects – you know, nasty things that might happen if you take the medicine, like feeling sick.
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