Why does sick always have carrots in?

And being sick doesn't improve your eyesight!

Professor Hallux

Here’s what Professor Hallux has to say:

We all like finding out the answer to curious conundrums like these – even if NO ONE likes being sick.

Being sick, or vomiting, happens when your body ejects food in your stomach by squeezing the muscles in your abdomen. The food is pushed back out of your mouth, sometimes your nose too.

If you have been sick you might have seen orangey coloured flecks that look like carrot – even if you didn’t have carrots for tea. Some scientists think you’re seeing pieces of your stomach lining mixed up with the vomit. Or it could be carrot you had a while ago because carrot takes longer to digest than softer foods. Others though think that vomit doesn’t always have carrot, it’s just other orange coloured bits of food.

Now being sick is never very nice but it’s an important way that your body takes care of itself. It’s also pretty rare if you’re healthy, so make sure you eat up your carrots!

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