How can the latest technology in sport help those who can’t hear?

There's loads of cool tech to help us hear!

With most sports, what you see makes up most of the action. However, if you have trouble hearing you might miss what your teammates or the referee say…

There’s plenty of new technology to help people with hearing loss.

Take the Roger system!

Now you might wonder who Roger is – but he’s not a who, it’s just a simple two-part hearing solution.

The coach or the referee wears a wireless microphone and the person with hearing loss wears a receiver. The speakers’ voices are made louder and sent directly into the hearing aid of the player on the pitch.

Roger systems are great for sports, but can also be used in all sorts of places – when listening to a teacher or talking with friends, listening to music or watching the TV.

Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk is now open and is answering all of your hearing questions!

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