Gadgets to help you hear: Alarm clocks, doorbells, telephones and babies!

These basic things aren't just for the hard of hearing...

We know about hearing aids, but what other gadgets can help manage our hearing?

As houses have gotten bigger and nosier, you might not hear the knock at your front door anymore. Especially if the TV is on!

Instead — DING DONG! — you might need a doorbell!

Now, if you aren’t able to hear the doorbell, you might need a special type of doorbell. People with hearing loss might use one with flashing lights to show them when someone’s at the door.

How do you know when it’s time to wake up? BUZZ BUZZ!

Your alarm clock might have a buzzer or maybe it wakes you up with your favourite pop song!

People with hearing loss might have an alarm clock which vibrates so they can feel when it’s time to get out of bed, or one that simulates a sun rise!

It can also be difficult to use a telephone if you have hearing loss.

Luckily there are many gadgets to help – from text phones which change what you are saying into words that appear on a screen to amplifiers that make things louder! 

In fact, amplifiers can be used in lots of ways to turn the volume up –televisions, oven timers, and even super-loud baby monitors!

Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk is now open and is answering all of your hearing questions!

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