Do we hear better at different times of the day?

From loud morning roosters to spooky stairs...

Do we hear better at night? Maybe you’re thinking about a time when you’ve been in bed and thought you could hear the tiniest creak on the stairs?

The reason you might feel that you have super hearing at night is likely just because there are fewer sounds than normal at night – so you notice even the smallest squeak.

If you’re lying in a dark bedroom, you won’t be distracted by seeing things around you and that’s another reason why sounds can seem louder than usual. You just notice them more than you usually would!

People who have hearing loss might find that as the day goes on, they find it harder to understand the sounds they hear.

However, it’s not the time of day that’s affecting what they can hear – it’s more to do with how our brains work.

It’s because they have to work harder to understand what others are saying. Listening can be exhausting!

Fortunately there are alternative communication strategies and hearing aid technologies to help them hear their best – all day long.

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