What places are challenging for people with hearing difficulties and how can I help them?

Noisy environments are especially hard to hear in!

People with hearing loss can manage very well in all sorts of places. However, there are places that are a little more challenging than others!

Funnily enough our homes can be one of them.

Think about all the noises in your home – washing machines, televisions, computer games, and chatter – it can be difficult for a person with hearing loss to follow a conversation with all that noise!

Car journeys can also be difficult – but it’s not just the noise of the traffic that causes problems, it could be the music on the radio or the hum of the engine.

Smaller children with hearing problems can find car trips quite frustrating.

Sporting events are also very noisy places! You might be able to hear the roar of the crowd from far away, but not your friend talking next to you.

Fortunately, hearing aids and a special device, called a Roger system, can really help make hearing easier in noisy environments.

Learn more about Roger systems

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