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Although there are many ways to help treat hearing loss, it’s not always possible to fix it. However, scientists and doctors are working hard to find cures.

One of the newest and most interesting developments is in gene therapy.

These are the genes which tell our cells how to grow. Scientists have discovered that mice with a certain type of hearing loss have an unusual gene that normal hearing mice don’t have. This gene seems to stop the hairs inside the ear from growing normally.

Now that scientists have figured out where the problem comes from, they can look for ways to stop this gene from working. That could cause those hairs to grow normally and the mice might be able to hear!

Although we’re talking about mice, the same might apply to humans!

With more research, we’ll find out if there might be a cure for hearing loss and hearing damage the future… Until then there’s a wide range hearing aids and other devices which can help manage hearing loss, with exciting new products being developed all the time.

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