What’s an audiologist and what types of hearing tests do they perform? Discover what a ‘pure tone audiometry’ test is and what tympanometry means!

An audiologist is someone who studies hearing

You can think of audiologists as doctors for ears! Most audiologists treat patients who are experiencing hearing loss and teach others ways to prevent it!

If you visit an audiologist, they’ll perform all sorts of tests to work out the best ways to fix your problem…

The results of some hearing tests are plotted on a graph called an audiogram.

An audiogram is used to record the measurements of different volumes and frequencies (pitches) of sounds you are able to hear.

As well as showing a comparison between your ears, an audiogram can also help to determine what type of hearing loss you have, if any.

There are loads of different types of hearing tests, including ones that feature funny beeps and noises.

You can even take a hearing test online with Phonak! Even if you don’t currently have a hearing problem, hearing tests can be super helpful!

Click here to take Phonak’s three-minute hearing test!

Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk is now open and is answering all of your hearing questions!

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