What’s earwax, how does it build up, and how can we clean it away when there’s too much of it?

It might look gross but it does a really important job!

Earwax might look yucky, but it’s brilliantly helpful stuff. It’s made in your outer ear canal and the fancy name for this waxy stuff is cerumen.

Earwax has several important jobs! First, it protects and cleans the skin of the ear canal, so you don’t get dry or itchy ears.

Second, it helps to fight off germs and keeps the skin inside the ear healthy.

Finally, it acts as a shield to protect your ear from things like dust, dirt and even bugs… yes bugs!

How does it do this? Well, the earwax is sticky and traps these things so they do not reach the eardrum.

So remember, never to put things inside your ears to get rid of wax because the wax is doing an important job – and you could hurt yourself!

Although, if you’re having trouble hearing it’s possible you have too much wax – but that’s something you should ask your doctor.

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