Professor Hallux is here to explain!

It’s not enough to have a healthy heart and a sparkling circulation!

We have to make sure that the blood travelling around the body can carry all the oxygen it needs to.

If you think you don’t need oxygen, try holding your breath!

Oxygen comes from the air we breathe – it passes through the lungs into the blood stream, although it’s more like a rushing river!

If you imagine blood as a river, oxygen travels inside red blood cells.

What do they look like?

35324415Red blood cells look like tiny boats.

Inside each boat is a substance called haemoglobin. It’s what the oxygen sticks to until it reaches its destination.

When everything is ship shape, your body gets all the oxygen it needs but sometimes people do things to their lungs which can cause problems.


Like smoking?

smokingYes. When you smoke, it introduces carbon monoxide to you lungs, not to mention lots of other nasty chemicals!

The carbon monoxide can damage the interface between the lungs and the blood meaning there is less oxygen getting to your heart.

That means your heart has to work much harder and over time that means it won’t be in such good condition.

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