Where do dreams come from and why do we dream?

Professor Hallux investigates!

Dreaming is one of life’s most perplexing problems! Let’s find out why…

There’s nothing nicer than a great adventure filled dream – and there are few things scarier than a big, terrifying nightmare!

It’s thought that dreams don’t have a particular purpose but instead are the effect of other processes in our body – some chemical, others more to do with our brains.

When we sleep, our brains may be more able to file away that day’s experiences and memories, and review events which affected us most strongly.

Maybe a nice meal or perhaps that time you got told off at school and were upset…

In trying to make sense of the world our sleeping brains may make and break all sorts of neural connections to try and find patterns in the world around us and perhaps test out ways of coping.

Now if your nightmares are all about angry dragons, it might just be a way of your brain picturing scary things.

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So sweet dreams and good luck fighting those dragons!

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