Emily Roebling

Emily Roebling was an engineer born in New York in 1843


Emily RoeblingWho was she? Emily Roebling was an engineer born in New York in 1843.

What did she do? After her engineer husband fell ill, Roebling got him to teach her all about how to be an engineer as she stepped in to lead the construction project of the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time it was one of New York City’s most important engineering projects.

Engineering claim to fame? What makes Emily Roebling incredible was that she lived at a time when many people thought women weren’t as clever as men. In most places, they weren’t even allowed to vote and very few went to university. By successfully leading the team that built the Brooklyn Bridge she proved many people wrong and became one of the people who led the way for women to be recognised as equal to men.

Fascinating Fact? Emily Roebling was the first person to cross the Brooklyn Bridge when it opened, she carried a Cockerel as a sign of victory!

Where can you find out more? Unfortunately New York is a long way away, why don’t you have a look on Google Maps at the Brooklyn Bridge

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