Yoshio Nishi

Yoshio Nishi is an electronic engineer for the Sony Corporation


Yoshio NISHI2Who is he? Yoshio Nishi is an electronic engineer for the Sony Corporation. Sony are a Japanese company who produce a huge range of electronics. If you have a look around your house you might find something that is made by Sony.

What did he do? Yoshio Nishi helped produce the first commercial Lithium Ion Battery.

Engineering claim to fame? His revolutionary batteries were much lighter than previous types and could hold energy for longer. This meant that things like mobile phones and laptops could become lighter, smaller and could be used for longer before they needed charging up.

Back to the drawing board? New technology is now beginning to replace Lithium Ion batteries, and it is thought that in the near future we will have batteries for things like mobile phones that only need charging once every few weeks rather than every day.

Fascinating Fact? Batteries aren’t as new as you might think – they have actually been around since the 1800s!

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