Kitchen Chemistry: Acids

Hear about the chemistry behind acids in our food like vinegar!


VinegarHere’s a chemical condiment that we couldn’t do without – vinegar!

Vinegar is one of a useful group of chemicals called acids.

Acids taste sour because they contain bits called ‘hydrogen ions’. Of course sour tastes aren’t always nice – sometimes fruit tastes sour to tell us it’s not ready for eating.

But like the vinegar you put on your chips, sour flavours can also be tasty.

p-beetroot-superfo_1474379cAcids are what give cheese and yoghurts their flavour. Acids are also dead handy in baking – they are part of chemical reactions which make gases that help foods like cakes to rise.

They also can react with colour molecules to change the way food looks – turning beetroot bright red, and making meat more tender by breaking down the protein molecules. That’s part of the reason why marinating meat for a barbeque makes it extra tasty!

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