What is the emblem of Poland and why is the Eagle a symbol of Poland?

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We’re on a treasure hunt! That’s a POSZUKIWANIE SKARBÓW in Polish!

We’re using Baron Grindwal’s map to learn more about POLSKA – or Poland as we call it in the UK.

Baron Grindwal was a riddler – and so to explore POLSKA, we’re going to have to solve some of his riddles…

Today, we’re following Baron Grindwal’s riddles to discover the symbols of Poland and what makes them so special.

So, let’s get things underway with the first of the Baron’s riddles.  Riddle 1: “The sacred symbol soars so high, glinting gold across the sky”

Well, obviously the Polish flag is on the map. The word for Flag is FLAGA. And you’ll see the flag all over Poland – flags fly high on buildings!

But the riddle said glinting gold. There isn’t any gold – or ZŁOTO on the Polish flag. It’s a broad strip of red and white – red to symbolise courage and white for love of peace.

BIAŁO-CZERWONA means red and white.

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Hmm, time for another riddle.  Riddle 1: “A symbol of pride never to yield, brings people together from city to field”

THAT might be the Polish national anthem!

The name of the anthem is DĄBROWSKI’S MAZURKA. But even though the words in the anthem talk about swords, I’m pretty sure they’re not GOLDEN swords.

The national anthem was written YEARS before 1918 – that means YEARS before the Baron made his map.

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Time for one more riddle.  Riddle 3:“Legend born, in years gone past – in folklore you’ll find this treasure at last”

Poland has more folklore and legends than just about any other country – where to start! There is the Polish Eagle – ORZEŁ. THAT’S a symbol born in a legend.

According to the fable, the white eagle emblem originated when Poland’s legendary founder Lech saw a white eagle’s nest. When he looked at the bird, a ray of sunshine from the setting sun fell on its wings, so they appeared tipped with gold while the rest of the eagle was pure white.

He was delighted and decided to settle there, and placed the eagle on his emblem, with a golden crown upon its head.

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It fits the first riddle because eagles fly high, and the KORONA or crown that it wears is golden – ZŁOTA!

The second riddle was about bringing people together from city to field. Well, you’ll see this emblem on the clothes worn by athletes and the Polish Football team! It’s certainly a symbol Polish people are proud of. You’ll even see it on shops in the UK which sell Polish goods.

Is this the SKARB – the treasure at the end of the Baron’s Riddle?

It seems so!

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Related Polish words and phrases:

POLSKA – Poland
FLAGA – Flag
BIAŁO & CZERWONA – White and Red
ORZEŁ – Eagle
ZŁOTA – Golden
KORONA – Crown
SKARB – Treasure
LEGENDA – Legend
HYMN – Anthem
MAZUREK – Mazurka

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