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Baron Grindwal was a famous explorer. 100 years ago he explored POLSKA – or Poland as we call it in the UK.

And now we are going to follow in his tracks and set off on a treasure hunt – that’s a POSZUKIWANIE SKARBÓW!

But Baron Grindwal was also a riddler. And so to explore POLSKA, we’re going to have to solve some of his riddles.

So let’s get things underway and follow Baron Grindwal’s clues to discover the geography of Poland.  We’re going to journey through Poland’s neighbours in Europe, and on the way stop by rivers, mountains and sea…

So let’s start with the very first riddle…

Riddle 1: “Our starting point should be a snap – where is Poland on a map?”

Is Poland closer to ‘our side’ of Europe – NA ZACHÓD – that means to the West – like France and Spain, or NA WSCHÓD – that means to the East?

The answer is NA WSCHÓD, of course!

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Riddle 2: “Poland has mountains and forests of trees, totally surrounded by neighbours including the sea”

Poland also borders the Baltic Sea in the north or NA PÓŁNOCY. Let’s continue searching – that’s SZUKAĆ in Polish.

That extends from the Bay of Pomerania to the Gulf of Gdańsk, which is a city.

And finally, Riddle 3: “A river 600 hundred miles winds through – across the land to sea so blue.”

Well, there’s the River Vistula or RZEKA WISŁA which runs across the country, through many cities – all the way to a bay with a lighthouse on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s six hundred and fifty miles long!

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Related Polish words and phrases in this episode:

GDZIE JEST POLSKA? – Where is Poland?
SKARB – Treasure
SZUKAĆ – Search, hunt for
MAPA – Map
NIEMCY – Germany
CZECHY – The Czech Republic
SŁOWACJA – Slovakia
KRAJE SĄSIEDZKIE – Neighbouring countries
RZEKA – River
W LEWO – To the left
W PRAWO – To the right
SKRĘĆ W PRAWO – Turn right
SKRĘĆ W LEWO – Turn left
W – In
NA POŁUDNIE – To the south
NA PÓŁNOC – To the north
NA WSCHÓD – To the east
NA ZACHÓD – To the west

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