Sean’s built Polish letter ‘ch’ words in Minecraft for Robot!

See which Polish words use the letter 'ch'!

Robot from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show has got himself a new pal – Korneliusz Kog from Poland – the trouble is Robot doesn’t know any Polish words!

Robot’s downloaded a Polish language pack so he can talk to his friend and Sean’s said that if he learns the words, he’ll help him remember them by building them in Minecraft!

Today we’re finding out about seasonal celebrations in Poland!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are important days in the Polish calendar!

Houses are cleaned and decorated before the holiday – Polish people enjoy getting together with friends and family and dressing the tree.

On Christmas Eve, a special meal is enjoyed with fish served, along with a special beetroot soup called Barszcz [BARSH].

Something that’s a bit different is that Santa Claus or Mikolaj doesn’t arrive on Christmas Day – instead he visits on the 6th December – the feast of St Nicholas.

Easter is another special time. In the week Easter, eggs are decorated and food for Easter is blessed.

And after Easter Sunday comes Wet Monday… Śmigus-dyngus [SMEEGOOSE DINGUS] – a playful day where boys and girls splash each other with water!

Today we’re checking out a word combination – the letters C and H together.

Now in English words this would sound like SHHH – but in Polish, it’s a bit different because the C is silent. It sounds like this….


Now you’ll find lots of Polish words starting with CH [HUH]. A very common word which starts with this combination is Chleb [HLEB] – that means bread.

Another word – and something you could definitely build in Minecraft is Chlew [HLEW] – that’s the word for pigsty.

Or a hut – the word for hut is another that uses the CH combination – it’s Chata [Hata].

But make sure your Chata has a good roof to keep the rain out! Roof has the C and H combination in the middle – it’s Dach. [Dach]

One last word that includes this sound is the word for pavement – Chodnik – [HODDYNIK]!

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