Camouflage – how not to be seen


The Army’s camouflage – known as Multi-Terrain Pattern (or MTP for short) – helps soldiers blend into the environment on operations more than ever before.

When soldiers on operations go out on patrol, they can pass through many different environments, like desert, grassland and urban areas. Wearing a uniform that is designed for just one of these environments can make soldiers stand out in the other backgrounds.

The MTP uniform works by mixing many different elements and colours together to make soldiers harder to spot against any background. This is how it breaks down…

CamoBeige – a key part of British Army uniforms because it blends in with different areas.

Brown – patches of brown help soldiers to blend in with woodland areas and deserts.

Dark brown – splodges of this colour break up the pattern and look like shadows.

Green – this is the perfect colour for helping soldiers blend into areas that are covered in crops or grassland.

Cream – a useful colour because it reflects the surrounding area. It looks yellow in the desert and green in woodland.

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