Things soldiers won’t leave base without…


All Soldiers take the same key items with them when they leave the base to go on patrol. This equipment can be stored in their rucksacks, pockets or in a system of pouches worn on a harness called “webbing”.

So what are they?

Well, these items fall roughly into four categories: clothing, shelter, provisions and tools.

KitClothing consists of items like spare socks, gloves and waterproof or warm-weather clothing as well as body armour and helmet.

Provisions include a 24 hour ration pack, which has everything from a breakfast to an evening meal (as well as chocolate and biscuits) to keep a soldier going for a full day. They also often carry a three-litre pouch with a drinking tube attached to it on their back so they can keep hydrated on the move.

Finally, soldiers carry a number of essential items such as a weapon, Personal Role Radio, spare ammunition, a multi-purpose tool, torch and the all-important spade. Oh, and then there’s the kitchen sink…..

So what are the four key things to take?

WATER CARRIER – called a “camelbak”,  it carries up to 3 litres of water to allow a soldier to keep hydrated on the move.

MULTITOOL – wire cutters, screwdriver, pincers, wood-cutter, file….be prepared!

PROVISIONS – a soldier’s ration pack includes three meals plus snacks.

PONCHO – can be used for sheltering from sun or rain, and even as a makeshift stretcher.

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