Marina Ventura’s Inside Water – Bag it and Bin it

What should you flush?


As well as supplying clean water to over 8 million people each day, Thames Water also collects almost 3,000 million litres of sewage from 13 million customers, using a network of sewers that stretches 67,000 kms – that’s enough to go round the world twice!

But as well as flushing away their poo, people also pull the chain on all kinds of waste that was never intended to reach the public drains.

thames-sewersEvery year, 25,000 tonnes of debris has to be removed from the sewerage system – that’s enough to fill a football stadium! Disposable nappies, cotton buds, razor blades and plastic wrappings are just a few of the household items regularly flushed down the toilet.

Many of these items won’t decompose naturally and can harm the environment, as well as cause problems with people’s drains.

But it is not just about what goes down the toilet! Thames Water also clears 1,000 tonnes of fat, oil and grease every year from its sewers. Much of this is tipped down the sink after cooking, and this causes blockages and sewer flooding.

Disposable products are an everyday part of life. They are easy and convenient to use and easy and convenient to dispose of. But they should not be flushed away or poured down the sink.


So what can you do? Don’t Flush It …Bag It & Bin It and Stop and Think – Not Down the Sink!

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