What are smart meters and how can I get one?

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We’ve been learning all about gas and electricity meters and how they work but did you know there’s a new type of meter called a smart meter?

Smart meters take the place of the old meters and measure all the energy used in the house.

It communicates with the power companies using radio waves, so you should never need to take a reading ever again!

With your smart meter, you’ll also get an easy-to-read energy display that you can place anywhere around the house.

The energy display can’t make any changes to the heating or turn anything on or off like a smart thermostat, though. It simply communicates with the smart meter and shows your exactly what’s been used.

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Some smart meters even show how much the electricity costs and what’s being used at this very moment.

And the colossally clever thing about smart meter displays is that by seeing your usage, it can help you find out which appliances are guzzling the most energy…

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