What is a gas and electricity meter? Where is my gas or electricity meter?

Enn and Gee investigate traditional gas and electricity meters!

You might know the energy – gas and electricity – we use in our homes comes through meters that you have to read!

Meters are machines that measure how much gas and electricity are used, so energy companies can make sure you’re charged the right amount.

Let’s take a look at an example… Gas is stored until needed and then delivered to homes, factories, schools, hospitals – you name it – through a network of pipes, known as the gas mains.

These pipes connect to your home through a meter that measures how much gas is being used. It’s kind of like a turnstile you might see at football grounds, clicking each time more gas goes through.

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Electricity is just the same. Every time you flip a switch or plug in a device, it’s there – and like gas, it’s come a long way.

Electricity is made at power stations by huge generators. Most power stations today use gas or nuclear to fuel the generators. But some use wood, and obviously wind, the sun, and water can be used to generate electricity too.

The electricity is distributed through a network of cables called the national grid. You’ll have seen the huge pylons that criss-cross the country. Smaller wires under pavements carry electricity into your homes.

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Just like gas, there’s a meter to check how much is being used.

Both gas and electricity meters can be in different places in different homes. You might find your electricity meter in a basement, garage, or under the stairs!

You’ll see a dial that turns quite quickly if electricity is being used… There are also numbers to read.

Your gas meter might be outside in its own little box. It also has numbers on it!

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