Writing and remixing songs: Can I sing other people’s songs?

Nancy and The Meerkats investigate!

In the latest episode of Nancy and The Meerkats, Ed Shearling discovers that evil Kitty Perry has remixed his music!

Luckily, Nancy’s had lots of experience with Kitty Perry, overcoming a lot of intellectual property issues!

Nancy and Big Joe tell Ed that it’s against the law to steal someone else’s music or the words they’ve written in a song. They’re protected by something called copyright…

Copyright helps make sure that people who’ve made something original don’t get cheated out of it.

Anything that’s creative can be protected by copyright. That could be a story or a poem, song lyrics, music and even the production effects used in a song.

Unlike trademarking a logo, you don’t need to do anything to get copyright – the person who produced the original automatically owns the copyright.

You don’t need to do anything – but it can be worth keeping a copy of your ideas on paper with the date clearly marked!

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If you love music as much as Nancy and the gang, why don’t you have a try at writing some cool lyrics or even writing a song!

If you play an instrument – get it out! Maybe one day you’ll be as famous as the girls!

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