Is there carbon monoxide in my school? Stay Carbon Monoxide safe with Safety Seymour!

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So we know that we need to keep our homes safe from Carbon Monoxide but could it be in other places that we go to, like our schools?

Carbon Monoxide can be anywhere there’s a flame – such the heating system which makes our water hot and rooms cosy – wherever they are, so yes that could mean your school too.

There are rules to make sure that schools are safe places to be, but why not talk to your teacher and the class about Carbon Monoxide safety?

It might be useful for everyone to know that when there is a leak of this gas, it’s possible to feel dizzy and sick.

You could also tell them about Carbon Monoxide alarms and ensure they’ve got one.

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They’re a great way to check that the air we’re breathing is safe.

Maybe your school has Carbon Monoxide alarms already – if not, you could ask why. We can’t detect this invisible gas but the alarms can.

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Safety Seymour: Everything You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide

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Safety Seymour is made possible with help from Cadent and Northern Gas Networks.

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