Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning… Find out with Safety Seymour!

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Safety Seymour‘s on a mission to recruit C.O. Safety Assistants to help on his quest to rid homes of a very dangerous threat – Carbon Monoxide!

C.O. Safety Assistants need to know the signs which can tell you whether you, a friend, someone in the family or even one of your pets, might be inhaling carbon monoxide.   

If anyone has been breathing in small amounts of carbon monoxide they might be showing symptoms which look a bit like food poisoning or the flu.

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Although the symptoms can look similar to flu, you won’t have a temperature if you’ve been breathing in carbon monoxide, so that’s one easy way to check.

Another way carbon monoxide can affect people is to make them feel dizzy – like you’re on a rollercoaster or a carousel and can’t get off!

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It can also make you feel very confused and you may find it hard to concentrate.

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The effects of carbon monoxide can be very strong – you might feel like you’re floating in space or that you’re so tired you could sleep for a week.

Having trouble breathing is another sign – and one you should never ignore.  Make sure you tell a grown-up if you ever feel like you can’t breathe – and get outside to fresh air if you can. 

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The easiest way to check if there’s carbon monoxide around is to get a carbon monoxide alarm.  

It’s a good idea to ask your parents to get a carbon monoxide alarm.  Then you can be C.O. Safety Assistant too! 

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Safety Seymour: Everything You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide

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