Scottish Parliament: Canongate Wall

Rock from across Scotland


Canongate WallThe Scottish Parliament is made up from lots of amazing and interesting buildings.

One of the most symbolic and impressive structures at the Scottish Parliament has to be the Canongate Wall.

It’s made up from dozens of different types of rock from across Scotland.

Carved on the wall you can read inscriptions from all sorts of poems and quotations about Scotland and the Parliament.

In fact, poetry has always been close to Scotland’s heart and there’s even a very special poem written for the opening of Parliament. It’s called “Open the Doors” by Edwin Morgan. Here are a few lines – reminding the Members of the Scottish Parliament to do their best in this amazing new building…

We give you our consent to govern, don’t pocket it and ride away.

We give you our deepest dearest wish to govern well,

don’t say we have no mandate to be so bold.

We give you this great building, don’t let your work and hope be other than great

when you enter and begin.

So now begin. Open the doors and begin!


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